Friday, May 12, 2017

Money for Ice Cream!

PYP 2 learners engaged in an 'Ice Cream Cone' activity to demonstrate their understanding of money management when they go to an ice cream parlour to get their favourite scoop of ice cream. They decided on the amount of money they would like to spend on their favourite ice cream and described the notes and coins they wanted to add up to buy the cone of ice cream.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Budding Artists

PYP 2 learners created beautiful, artistic and creative canvas paintings. The learners got to know about colour mediums, acrylic paintings, techniques of canvas paintings, acrylic colour mediums, tools like fine brushes for detailing. The learners also learned about famous artists. They also did critical thinking in setting their own vocabulary for art tools, techniques and things involved in making that particular art form.

Sunday, April 2, 2017


The PYP 2 learners were busy in the improvement in the performance of fundamental athletics skills of running, jumping and throwing. They did the shuttle race, sprints, broad jump, vertical leap and types of throwing engagement. They performed the engagement in the teams and also played games likes “frog - jump with lily pad”, ladder relay and “hit the target”. The attention was paid on the gradual development of these fundamental engagement. 


Learners understood hierarchy of a school system by participating in a 'Cup Pyramid' learning engagement. They enthusiastically worked in groups, planned their course of action and thought on their presentation skills. They shared their responsibilities with each other so as to complete their task within the given time limit. They tried to be quick equally taking care of different aspects to work in group, i.e. cooperation, appreciation and respect.

They took the responsibility to present their understanding on the Cup Pyramid using their communication and self-management skills. Through a brainstorming session, they reflected on the importance of each job and their interdependence in the system.

Building Systems with Constructible Bricks

Learners were divided into pairs and were asked to discuss which system they would like to build using constructible bricks. They shared their ideas with their partner and distributed work among each other. They were involved in the task keeping in mind time management skills. They creatively build models of organizations (a post office, a hospital, a police station, etc). They described the importance of their system in the community. They even reflected on the importance of team spirit and cooperation among them which helped them accomplish their task faster and understood how every person in the system works together for the benefit of the system.

Field Trip to Bank

Learners went for the field trip to the Bank to learn about the banking system. They got familiarized with many things like there were different departments, example, Customer Service Desk for responding to queries, Cash Department for money transactions, Loan Department, Lockers for keeping our valuables safe, New Account opening Department. They got aware of purpose of these departments and jobs performed by different people over there. They demonstrated curiosity and inquired to enhance their learning, like “What is the indicator in the sorting machine which segregates the fake or spoiled notes”, “Why are there three keyholes in the locker”, “ How can we get our notes changed into coins”, etc.  They overall had a great learning experience.

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Learners attended a guest lecture by Dr. Ankit Gupta working in Choithram Hospital. Being a member of the hospital system, he imparted great knowledge to these young learners. He told that a hospital is a complex system which is connected to different systems like ambulance - transport system, canteen, post office, housekeeping, financial management, dharamshala, medical stores, medical engineering, etc. He explained the hierarchy in the system and facilities and services being rendered by hospitals.